Label production

Label production

The label is the identity card of a product. There are labels of all kinds, intended for different uses/products. Our job is to give you the right label.

Our advantages

Labeling products is a need born from the necessity to recognize their identity, trace them, make them communicate.
The production flexibility of T-Trade Group allows us to offer fast deliveries, high production volumes, customized or standard. T-Trade labels meet all needs and offer a strategic competitive advantage in terms of innovation and eco-sustainability, thanks to the continuous search for low environmental impact materials and solutions.

The production of raw materials: T-Trade, a small paper mill

The ISO 14001 Certification, among other things, officially recognizes the role of “small paper mill” of T-Trade, certifying the process of “Design, production of thermal transfer ribbons and neutral and personalized labels through the phases of lamination by adhesive die-cutting, rewinding and printing”.
We internally produce the raw material for the production of the neutral labels of our TT-Lab line: specific vellum for TTR, coated, eco thermal, protected thermal, polypropylene.
Our fleet of machines then includes an adhesive applicator and a coupler: the raw material is then glued and coupled, finally die-cut and prepared for the final required set-up.

Beyond the TT-Lab line: a label for every specific need

Adhesive labels cross different product sectors and products: from food to cosmetics, from medicines to shipping packages. The search for new solutions must reconcile design requirements with those closely linked to practical and regulatory aspects. In the presentation of the products, then, the role of the label becomes of extraordinary importance: it is often entrusted with the first and decisive impact with the consumer. The quality of the solution offered then becomes a fundamental element.
T-Trade Group produces a wide range of labels: vellum, coated paper, thermal paper, PP, PET, BIO labels, etc. Adhesive and non-adhesive labels, neutral or printed up to 8 colours, with traditional silicone paper liner or with PET or biofilm liner.

In addition: strips, tags in rolls, continuous reels in any material, from paper to synthetics, intended for industry and retail. Thermal rolls for cash registers and for ticket or label printers. RFID tag labels, anti-counterfeiting labels. Satin, polyamide or polyester labels for the textile sector.

The range of T-Trade products

We produce in

Bio Labels production: T-Trade extrusion area

From nature, to nature: the T-Trade Group BIO labels, adhesive and non-adhesive, were created to meet the needs related to compostability at the end of the label's life.
The BIO Label area of T-Trade is equipped with an extruder, which then joins the adhesive applicator and the coupler.

Starting from compounds of natural origin (e.g. corn, rice, or fruit and vegetable scraps...) the extruder produces a totally BIO film with variable thicknesses (and the possibility of various colors, always BIO). The film is then reeled, glued if necessary and then coupled with a liner again in BIO film, then die-cut and served according to request.

The same film, after the extrusion phase, can be transformed into non-adhesive tags or labels, always tailored to the request.
The fields of application are many: for example in nurseries, in crops, etc., where there is a need to replace the plastic label/tag with an environmentally friendly product.

The Quality of T-Trade Labels


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