The world is not left to us by our fathers, it is lent to us by our children

Sustainability is the rudder that regulates the corporate route of T-Trade since its foundation and therefore invades every process and every activity

The corporate vision revolves around the concept of all-round sustainability, including economic sustainability and business continuity, ethical sustainability and environmental sustainability.


Integrity, high levels of performance, dedication to the Customer: these and many others are the Values of Transfer Trade, leader in the industrial labeling sector

The Values in which T-Trade Group believes form the foundation of all business relationships, both internal and external, with customers, partners, suppliers and local communities. The company uses these Shared Values to guide its conduct and direct its choices towards the achievement of the objectives set.



T-Trade adopts a certified Quality Management System which guarantees high standards in all company processes and in the product/service to the Customer

Each solution designed and proposed by T-Trade Group follows strict Quality control rules, starting from the raw materials up to the final product. Maximum attention is paid to both the technical characteristics and the safety of the individual items, as well as the environmental, economic and social impact.

The customer, his satisfaction in compliance with the principles of sustainability, have always been at the heart of T-Trade's strategies.

Our business is carried out according to the principles of production ethics, embracing the ESG standards - Environmental, Social and Governance - which have inspired us since from the beginning, allowing us to develop products and projects that respect and, where possible, improve the environment and the social and economic contexts in which we operate.


Research, Develop, Produce and Distribute in the name of Sustainability is the philosophy that guides the work of T-Trade Group

Environment, Social, Governance: the three ESG pillars that guide the work of T-Trade Group, whose philosophy is:
research, develop, produce and distribute in the name of sustainability.

Attention to these issues starts with paying close attention to the origin, quality, environmental and ethical impact of the raw materials used. We only choose ecological products free from dangerous chemical components. This takes place through rigorous control of the entire supply chain, by applying a responsible and sustainable procurement policy.

Protection of the environment, social and attention to governance practices are fundamental elements in the development of our solutions.


ISO 14001:2015, FSC, ECOVADIS:
the guarantee of our scrupulous attention to Sustainability

T-Trade Group's scrupulous attention to sustainability is guaranteed by:

ISO 14001 Certification is a guarantee of correct environmental management systems. Furthermore, in its field of application, it recognizes T-Trade’s role as a “small paper mill”, in fact certifying the process of design, production of thermal transfer ribbons and neutral and personalized labels through the lamination phases through adhesive application, die-cutting, rewinding and printing.

The FSC (Chain of Custody) Certification guarantees that paper products are made with materials from responsibly managed forests. The new FSC standard, updated in 2022, also requires compliance with precise ethical requirements.

The EcoVadis Gold Medal rewards compliance with all ESG standards and places T-Trade in the 5% of companies globally assessed by EcoVadis that have obtained the best scores.

Furthermore, T-Trade products guarantee compliance with all the main directives dictated by the regulations (Rohs, Reach, TSCA, etc.)


An organized company, whose operating principles follow Official Policies: T-Trade Group is synonymous with guarantee in every process

The activity of T-Trade Group is organized in such a way as to follow the rules dictated by official Policies in each of its processes, which determine its Quality and compliance with all the principles of Sustainability, as well as the accurate control of supply chain.