Products and Services

T-Trade Group designs and manufactures complete solutions for labeling,
industrial marking and packaging.

Manages the entire labeling chain, designing and producing everything needed in-house.

Production of thermal transfer ribbons

Each thermal transfer ribbon has particular characteristics. Every application needs a ribbon that fully meets those needs. Our job is to give you the right ribbon.
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Label production

The label is the identity card of a product. There are labels of all kinds, intended for different uses/products. Our job is to give you the right label.
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Production of linerless rolls

In thermal paper, or in thermal polypropylene and for thermal transfer printing.
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Hardware-Firmware-Software production and digital solutions

Printers, Systems and Applications for Eco-sustainable and Economical Labeling
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Distribution of printing and reading solutions

In the logic of complete customer service, T-Trade has consolidated important partnerships with international manufacturers, adding to its internal production a vast range of products for printing, reading, packing and packaging.
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Technical Assistance

The Service and Assistance Division of T-Trade was created with the aim of assisting Customers by offering highly specialized advice directly on site or in our laboratory on all solutions, whether or not offered by T-Trade.
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Quality, reliability, professionalism, availability
distinguish the activity of T-Trade Group.

We guarantee a pre- and post-sales service that translates into real consultancy, with an eye always attentive to the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of what we offer. We control the entire supply chain, in order to always offer the customer maximum safety from every point of view.

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