A configurator for Thermal Transfer Ribbons and Adhesive Labels

Each customer has different needs and, thanks to our configurator, we are able to satisfy even the most demanding customers with ad hoc products.
Labelingweb aims to help our distributors to obtain answers on the whole range of the consumable products we produce (TTR Tapes and Self-Adhesive Labels) in real time.

T-Trade and the Partnership with Cab

T-Trade combines an important brand such as Cab with its own range of Printing Solutions. Cab, T-Trade’s historic partner for Italy, represents a technological reference for consultancy, sales and technical support for all its product labelling systems. Clients in the world of industry, services and business has answered and put their trust in our high standard of quality.

TT-PA 150 TOP Total Reliability of Linerless printing

The ecological Print & Apply

TT-PA 150 TOP respects the environment by not using silicon paper

TT-PA 150 TOP allows to have three times the number of labels per roll

TT-PA 150 TOP is simple and intuitive

TT-PA 150 TOP is interconnected with the world (Industry 4.0 certified by the Marche Polytechnic)

TT-PS 200 The first case sealer in the world that closes and prints simultaneously on the adhesive tape

TT-PS 200 “The Printing Revolution”

TT-PS 200 respects the environment by not using paper to label, but using adhesive tape as a support on which to write variable data

TT-PS 200 allows to code and to print any information, without using labels

TT-PS 200 minimizes labeling costs, making the box unique and “sealed”

TT-PS 200 is interconnected with the world (Industry 4.0 certified by the Marche Polytechnic)

A Unique Group on the Worldwide stage of Industrial Labelling, T-Trade Group is a Producer of Printers, a Producer of Thermal Transfer Ribbons, a Producer of Self-Adhesive Labels, a Producer of Linerless Rolls, a Producer of RFID Labels and a Producer of Thermal Rolls.

Production of Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Our production makes use of 23 machines for the transformation of thermal transfer ribbon. We have automatic and semi-automatic systems, which annually work about 40 million square meters of product per year. The size of our production and the number of machines used makes the T-Trade Group one of the largest players in the global market in the industrial labelling sector.

The production of self-adhesive labels

We produce a wide range of labels: vellum, coated paper, PLP, PLC, Pet, etc… We provide neutral labels and printed labels with up to 6 colours. A line is dedicated to the production of labels with radiofrequency TAGs. Our production flexibility allows us to offer standard or customized products with fast deliveries and high production volumes. We are committed to continuous improvement and operational excellence. The flexibility we have built in our production process allows us to supply products that not only meet any requirement but also provide a competitive strategic advantage.

Production of Rolls

The T-Trade group started to develop hardware solutions and the relative consumables in the Linerless world in 2009. Today, in addition to the production of classic thermal rolls, many of the investments we support, are concentrated in the implementation of adhesive coating and siliconizing lines, offering to both the retail market and industries, a wide range of linerless rolls in 100% phenol-free adhesive thermal paper or in thermal and non-thermal polypropylene (for thermal transfer printing). The whole range can also be customized with prints of up to 3 colours.

The Production of Linerless Printing Solutions

ONE CODE Srl is the company of the Group dedicated to the research and development of technological innovations, such as the solutions of printing systems for packaging and labelling, which are the holders of international patents such as:
TT-PS 200
TT-PL 80
Our philosophy and our eco-sustainability objectives:
Reduce the use of cellulose, use recyclable raw materials, economically and ecologically design and produce sustainable printing solutions.