Production of linerless rolls

Production of linerless rolls

In thermal paper, or in thermal polypropylene and for thermal transfer printing.

Our goal is to reduce the use of cellulose and produce economically and environmentally sustainable labeling solutions. To achieve this, we offer Linerless Technological Solutions for industry and large-scale distribution, with the use of Linerless rolls in thermal paper, thermal polypropylene and for thermal transfer printing.

How is a label made?

The label usually consists of three layers:

Usually, the liner is made of silicone paper, a waste to be disposed of in a special waste regime.
Linerless is a label without a liner, therefore made up only of:

Our advantages

T-Trade specializes in the production of linerless rolls in thermal paper or thermal polypropylene and for thermal transfer, with adhesives for every need, the result of a journey that began several years ago with the development, patent and production of linerless printers for the world of large-scale distribution and the world of Industry.

Features of Linerless rolls

T-Trade Linerless rolls meet all labeling and weighing/labeling needs both in large-scale distribution and in industry, responding to increasingly strong needs related to eco-sustainability but also to the cost-effectiveness of the labeling process.
In fact, the linerless roll allows you to have a continuous reel, from which you can obtain labels of different formats according to needs: the length of the labels is changed “on site” and “on demand”, using a single mother reel format.

The distinctive pluses of Linerless thermal paper rolls

Ecological goals:

Economic goals:


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