Production of thermal transfer ribbons

Production of thermal transfer ribbons

Each thermal transfer ribbon has particular characteristics. Every application needs a ribbon that fully meets those needs. Our job is to give you the right ribbon.

Our advantages

Labeling products is a need born from the necessity to recognize their identity, trace them, make them communicate. The advent of the barcode in 1974 gave rise to a common identification language around the world.
Among the various variable data printing technologies, the only one that allows maximum flexibility in the use of the most diverse supports (paper, cardboard, polyester, polyethylene, PVC, etc.) with a speed that reaches 1000 mm/sec., a thermal transfer ribbon (or ribbon, or TTR) is extremely silent and low operating costs.
T-Trade Group, which has been present for decades in the thermal transfer technology sector, in 2010 acquired one of the largest producers in the world of ribbon, thus becoming one of the most important global players in a complex production full of variables such as that of thermal transfer.

T-Trade thermal transfer ribbons are characterized by:

The range of T-Trade products
A ribbon for every specific need

The range of T-Trade ribbons is very wide. Over 40 different formulations are produced in our factories including:

T-Trade Group thermal transfer ribbons are the ideal choice for labeling, marking and coding products. Our TTR offering is based on excellent print quality combined with long life on a wide range of labels and substrates.

The applications

Here are some application examples of T-Trade thermal transfer ribbons.

Wax base

logistics – shipping – retail – clothing…

Resin wax base

pharmaceutical – chemical – healthcare – logistics – shipments – horticulture – printing expiration dates, production batches, direct printing on film…

Resin base

applications that require resistance and durability even when external factors are aggressive, such as: rubbing, acids, solvents, high temperatures…; chemical - pharmaceutical - textile - electronics - automotive…


retail – packaging – promotional initiatives – textile...


Pharmaceuticals - chemistry - electronics...

The production of hot foil ribbons T-Trade Group

T-Trade Group also produces ribbons for industrial coding through the hot stamping methodology with the use of metal clichés. These hot foils are useful when lot and expiry date have to be printed (e.g. in food packaging, textiles, wine capsules…).

The Quality of TT Thermal Transfer Ribbons


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