Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

The Service and Assistance Division of T-Trade was created with the aim of assisting Customers by offering highly specialized advice directly on site or in our laboratory on all solutions, whether or not offered by T-Trade.

T-Trade’s customer service culture finds one of its best and appreciated expressions through the Service and Technical Assistance Division.
The experienced T-Trade staff is able to support the customer from the choice of tools to be integrated in the production activities, to the installation, to the support during the entire operational life of the same.

The T-Trade technical team offers immediate and qualified support in the event of a stoppage or malfunction of any work tool, avoiding downtime that, in the most serious cases, impact heavily on production capacity with important economic consequences.

The services offered:

The advantages of renting

With the lease contracts for turnkey solutions, companies do not buy a product but a service that allows them to obtain advantages that can be seen from 3 different perspectives:

Economical: reduction of the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of production up to 50% compared to the initial situation;

Organizational: improvement of services thanks to latest generation devices capable of streamlining processes and perfecting the sharing and distribution of information;

Environmental: analysis of the environmental impact of printing processes with the aim of reducing it, by intervening on energy consumption, paper, disposal and related CO2 emissions.


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