T-Trace: the platform that tracks product life

A set of hardware and software technologies for a conscious and circular use of consumer products

The T-Trace platform is a collaboration between T-Trade and Università Politecnica delle Marche and is a set of hardware (machines and materials) and software (web app and cloud) technologies aimed at a tracking and a conscious and circular use of consumer products, especially those with a well-defined expiry date.

The set of HW and SW technologies that make up the T-Trace platform allows all players in the consumer product supply chain to produce and trace, manage logistics, consume consciously and at the end recycle, donate or dispose of the product in a circular manner. 

The process at a glance

The producer produces the good and packs it in the primary packaging. Through printing technologies, a QR code is imprinted on the package which contains a unique code (T-Trace Code) relating to each individual piece, bearing unique and complete information that allows traceability from birth to its end of life. The product is then packaged in multiple assets, boxes and pallets, equipped, using the same printing technology, this time on the label, with a cumulative QR containing the information of each single QR printed on the product.

During the life span of this product, it is possible: for the consumer, by scanning the QR Code, to have a whole series of interesting and useful information as well as enter an App to control his spending and the life of his purchases; for the manufacturer to trace the entire life of the product itself and know every movement and detail.

The simple reading of the QR code (product, box or pallet) allows access to the T-Trace platform allowing traceability, the use of information and all other utilities.

For large-scale distribution, retailers or e-commerce, the use of the QR code with the T-Trade Code inside in the sales processes to the consumer opens up multiple scenarios such as: guarantee of safety (the unique code of the product guarantees complete traceability ), average stock and punctual replenishment, purchase in self-service mode with automatic acquisition of product information including expiration, by the consumer (thanks to the App on food expiration dates) macro marketing data collection.

The consumer is the main subject of the T-Trace platform because his digital actions, whether they take place as a simple reading of product information (web app) or are transformed into a purchase, they are the real seal of guarantee of the truthfulness of the data that flow in block-chain mode into the cloud platform and cannot be modified because they identify the consumer’s real actions. The same can then join the donation program offered by the app on food deadlines which benefits the entire third sector.

From a circular economy perspective, the continuous and punctual updating of data is able to allow more efficient management of overproduction, consequently a concomitant reduction of waste. 

The project is being developed. Updates will follow. 

For more information: ufficiomarketing@t-trade.it