The Linerless labelling solution that reduces the use of cellulose by 50%.

TT PA TOP 150  is a labelling solution with Linerless technology created by T-Trade Group, where the use of silicone paper completely disappears. The effect is a 50% reduction in the use of cellulose.
This 50% of cellulose is no longer necessary, it is the silicone part, a material that is not used, but as it is chemically treated it requires disposal as “special” waste.

The absence of the silicone support makes the work management on the machine extremely simple, with all the benefits resulting from less downtime and roll changes.
The solution automatically manages the length of the label, skipping a step in the supply chain, as the cutting of the pape is no longer required. Rolls of up to 900 mt can be used with increases in productivity, tied to downtimes, which alone justify the investment.