Production of linerless rolls GDO and for Industry

T-Trade Linerless rolls are the result of a process started 10 years ago with the development, patent and production of Linerless printers for the Industry and the GDO world.

Linerless T-Trade rolls meet all weighing and labeling needs both in the GDO and in Industry, responding to an increasingly demand of ECO-SUSTAINABILITY.
What are the advantages of Linerless thermal paper rolls?

Linerless T-Trade rolls reduce waste by 50% (eliminating the silicone paper, there is no need to dispose of it as special waste) and, regarding rolls for industrial application, they can generate up to 300% more productivity, which is due to the length of the roll.
Linerless technology has the maximum versatility of use: you can get labels of different sizes with a single roll.
T-Trade has a wide range of Linerless rolls in thermal paper and polypropylene (both thermal and for thermal transfer printing), with adhesives for every type of requirement.