Print Saver TT-PS 200

Labeling solution

TT-PS 200 is a printer-sealer, whose technology has been patented by the T-Trade Group and is unique in the world. With TT-PS 200, we have combined both sealing and labelling into one solution, resulting in savings, since it shortens the packaging line, which has economic benefits linked to space and logistics.
When the package is sealed with the adhesive tape, two labels are made visible on both sides, in addition to a description on the top, thereby greatly improving the logistics and traceability when handling the package.
More specifically, this innovative labelling solution guarantees:
A new form of communication and packaging
A drastic reduction in labelling, equipment, warehouse, spatial and handling costs, etc.
A huge increase in producitivity
The removal of paper for labelling
No cellulose is used
No silicon paper is used and disposed of
Significant cost savings

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