T-Trade can produce self adhesive labels in paper and plastic film (PE, OPP, PET, etc…), in accordance with current legislation (FSC, UL, CE, IMQ, MOCA)

T-Trade Group produces self-adhesive labels made of paper or plastic films (PE, OPP, PET, etc.), in compliance with current regulations (UL, EC, IMQ), to meet specific needs, where resistance to friction, temperature or contact with chemical agents is required.
We produce neutral or customized adhesive labels in thermal paper and for thermal transfer printing, packaged in:
• rolls
• fanfold
• single sheets
• with perforation for tearing
We collaborate with the producers of printing systems and weight-price scales, to optimise and innovate our products and respond to the needs of our customers in real time.
T-Trade offers a wide range of polyamides for any need in the Textile Industry, which answer to all types of washing or dyeing requirements.
The group is now the only European PRODUCER of TTR WHICH, since June 2006, has added the RFID LABEL TAG to its production of Thermal Transfer Ribbon and Self-Adhesive Labels. T-Trade is, in fact, able to produce self-adhesive labels of any kind, in any material or format, with a RFID TAG inserted.
Since 2017 T-Trade GROUP also produces Linerless Rolls of different materials ranging from thermal paper to BOPP.