We guarantee all our clients an excellent support service for the industrial label printing systems we supply

The Assistance Division of the T-Trade Group was founded with the aim of assisting our customers in the pre and post-sales activities by offering the following services:
– Highly specialized technical consultancy services to assist the customer in the operational choice phase, illustrating a wide range of solutions available.
–Highly specialized technical assistance services for all our products and most brands on the market.
– Assistance service contracts for scheduled maintenance or simply on-call assistance service contracts.
– Technical training courses.
– T-Trade rental: lease of turnkey solutions (hardware, software, consumer products and technical assistance) of industrial printing and labelling systems based on the cost of copying and obtaining the best cost of ownership (total cost of ownership) for the customer.
Therefore, with T-Trade rental, companies do not buy a product, but a service that allows obtaining benefits that can be seen from 3 different perspectives:
• Economic: reduction of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of production up to 50% compared to the initial situation;
• Organizational: improvement of services to people thanks to the latest generation of devices able to streamline the processes and to improve the sharing and the distribution of the information.
• Environmental: The project also takes into consideration the environmental impact of the printing processes with the aim of reducing them by intervening on energy consumption, paper, disposal and related CO2 emissions.