We invest 3% of the turnover in research and development and we produce labels with quality certification

The customer and his satisfaction have always been at the centre of the strategies of Transfer Trade, a leading company in the field of industrial labelling.
Total quality, full customer satisfaction, technological innovation, considerable attention to the optimization of human resources and the protection of the environment, have always guided our strategic and operational choices reinforcing the commitment of the company to continuously improve its performances and those of our partners.
Innovation, flexibility and customization are the primary characteristics that guide the development strategies of Transfer Trade.
Our activity is carried out according to the principles of productive ethics and environmental sustainability that have inspired us from the beginning and have allowed us to develop products and projects that respect and, where possible, improve the environment in which we operate.
We invest about 3% of the turnover in research and development of new applications and new products: we have launched an internal continuous process of improvement and control on the quality of the product and the service.